Jim Marchese

 His expertise in whistle-blower cases has earned him accolades in both medical and financial fraud cases. Jim is an actor and reality TV personality best known for his roles on Real Housewives of New Jersey and Marriage Boot Camp. Among Jim's achievements: Listed on Page 3 of the DOJ settlement for his role in the $16.65 billion Bank of America fraud, Columbia University Master's Degree Seton Hall Law School Juris Doctor Major CEOs loan & insuring over $10 Billion in MBS, Attendance at TEDx and TEDxAtlanta. Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Inquisitor Real Housewives of New Jersey, Home security, employment and family law expert. James, a top Twitter influencer with over 9.5 million monthly impressions, surpassed even the NY Times during the 2016 election. While working full-time for Mortgage NOW, Inc., Jim Marchese has worked on several short films and limited series as an Executive Producer and Actor. Jim and Amber plan to enter their debut short film “Abb